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Negative SEO and How to Protect Your Website 2021

Negative SEO “Negative SEO” is not a recent term, but its negative effects are renewed constantly to negatively affect both websites and those who support them. And we can say,

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Types of e-commerce and its revenues in 2020

The field of e-commerce has spread widely around the world. And it has developed in an amazing and remarkable way due to the many advantages it provides and the positive

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The facilities that E-commerce provides to its clients

The term e-commerce refers to the operations of buying, selling and providing services through the Internet. As for the online store, it is the platform that allows business owners to

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If the e-commerce stores were able to talk, what would they Say?

e-commerce has spread widely with the presence of many Arabian and international e-commerce websites. With the multiplicity of these sites, competition increased between the owners of online stores, and in

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Traditional and e-commerce from competition to excellence

E-commerce became known with the flourishment information technology. It changed the usual traditional trade concepts, and expanded the commercial market space to include the entire world. Although many people turn

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How Artificial intelligence supports e-commerce?

Artificial intelligence is the mandatory trend of the future digital world : According to US entrepreneur, blogger, and author Seth Godin: ” AI ​​does something that we weren’t necessarily crazy

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